Zinuity is a cutting-edge patent annuity service in a class by itself.

Enjoy peace-of-mind and excellent customer support as annuities for your portfolio are handled by licensed patent professionals. At the same time, Zinuity fees are competitive, predictable, and transparent.

Zinuity was launched in 2005 in response to a request by Stanford University to manage annuities for their world-wide patent portfolio. Today, Zinuity serves several top-tier universities and technology companies across the U.S. and beyond.

As a Zinuity client, you will benefit in many ways from our distinctive services.

How it works: Zinuity provides a price quote for the total annuity, which is the sum of 1) the cost of the annuity (the patent office fee and any foreign associate fees) and 2) the Zinuity payment processing fee (a flat-fee, based on country).

You are invoiced for the quoted amount only after payment is made, and there are no extra annual management fees, access fees, subscription fees, sign-up fees, reporting fees, or other fees for services that other annuity services may charge you for.

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